School History

This history of Kinloch Park Middle School has been pieced together from yearbooks from the past 50 years.

1952 Old Building
Three portables marked the beginning of Kinloch Park Elementary School. A permanent building was completed in 1926.The first edition of four classrooms was built on the southern end followed by four classrooms on the northern end. The two rooms on the lower floor were used for the first school cafeteria. Between the years of 1941 and 1946, Kinloch Park acquired 11 and a half acres as a site for a proposed new junior high school. In this year, also, the new cafeteria was completed.

The P.T.A. organized 1926, and the Daddy’s Club organized soon after, have given helpful support and cooperation thru the year.

Mr. Loran L. Sheeley came to Kinloch Park as principal in September, 1947. He met with the enthusiastic and loyal support of the faculty, students, and every school organization. He sponsored the purchase of new movie equipment and the furnishings of the teacher’s rest rooms.

A band was organized and a nucleus of instruments was secured. In the future this band was to be the best band in Miami and never to get a contest rating lower than excellent. The library newly enlarged and equipped, received money for new books.

The building was enlarged in 1948 by extending the southern wing to join the cafeteria, clinic, dean’s office, book-room, and three classrooms.

New Building
The new building, started in December of 1951, is now nearing completion. It was put under way through the efforts of the P.T.A., under the presidency of Mrs. Robert Borst.

At the dedication of the new school, Mr. Sheeley laid the cornerstone with Mrs. Borst and Mr. Angus Graham. The whole school attended this ceremony. Also present were Mayor Senerchia and Mrs. Leslie Quigg.

The new building which will serve as Kinloch Park Junior High School, is a monument to all those who have so long worked for it and dreamed of it.

1953 Kinloch’s History
Our history is short. Last September we moved into our new building and became an independent junior high school. Before this we were just a part of a junior high and elementary school in the “old” building at 43rd Avenue and N.W. Second Street. This “old” school began life about thirty years ago as two little frame shacks with some forty students, ages six to sixteen. A very busy “still” was doing business directly across the street from this little school. Kinloch was “way out in the wild west” at that time and developed something of a frontier reputation.

In 1926 the frame shacks were replaced by a permanent school building. Miss Lulu Cadle was the first principal of the school. In 1947, Miss Cadle was called to the University of Miami, and Mr. Loran L. Sheeley came in as the second principal in the history of Kinloch. The school building was enlarged in 1948, and plans were completed for our present new building and school at 43rd Avenue and N.W. 3rd Street. In September, 1952, the new junior high school was completed, and we moved into what has been said to be the most modern school in this part of the country. For the first time in any public school, we boasted a ring-type auditorium.

Under the direction of Mr. Sheeley, our school became know all over the United Stated because of our basic education program. Many magazine articles have been written about us, and we have been honored by visitors from many states and foreign countries.

Our history is short. It is one of progress, though. From two frame shacks with forty students we have grown to two fine buildings with two thousand boys and girls, and all of this in less than thirty short years.

1985 Kinloch’s Golden Anniversary
Kinloch Park School is one of the oldest educational centers in Dade County, dating back to 1925, when three wooden portables marked its beginning. A Permanent building was completed in 1926. Grade 7 was added in 1931 and grade 8 in 1934. In 1935 the junior high became a separate unit.

Two and one-half acres west of the original school were purchased in 1941 and in 1946; a ten acre tract was acquired as the site for the new junior high school facility. The new junior high school was completed in 1952.
Since the original building was completed, the shop and band rooms were added in 1954 and four additional classrooms in 1958. In 1976, Kinloch Park Junior High was air conditioned and a six room science complex was completed.

Kinloch Park Junior High has always been an outstanding school and has had many achievements over the years. As late as 1948, there were only 350 students and teachers in the junior high division of Kinloch Park School. Today, in 1985, Kinloch Park has approximately 1350 students and a staff of 85.

Some of the educational innovations which have distinguished Kinloch Park over the years are the development of the basic education program, audio-visual instructional aids, team teaching, the bilingual program, the work experience program, educational television, the mathematics systems, opening of our community school program in 1975 and our new computer education classes.

Kinloch Park Junior High School has come a long way since it began in 1935 and as we being our next 50 years it will progress even further. You are fortunate to be a part of a great school – Kinloch Park Junior High School.